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Long before the advent of modern medicine – before pill-popping, IV machines, before any surgery more complex than amputation – people still had a need to take care of their bodies. In the earliest known medical documents of recorded history, we can find allusions to the chiropractic care people engaged in to soothe their stresses and woes. Hippocrates himself once demanded of his readers; “get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite of many diseases.” A little over two thousand years later, we can only conclude that Hippocrates gave excellent advice.

Over the years, increased knowledge of the body has allowed chiropractic care to flourish, become more nuanced, and accurately address a huge number of the imbalances and issues a body can accumulate. In the United States alone, there are approximately 77,000 Doctors of Chiropractic treating 27 million adults and children across the country. According to the Consumer Reports Health Rating Center, chiropractic outperformed all other back pain treatments available, and is now classified as a primary care approach for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of back pain and spinal disorders.

At SOHMA, we strive to bring you the best combination of ancient practice with modern implementation. Our Doctors of Chiropractic come to you with the finest aspects of over 2,000 years of accumulated medical knowledge – all with the comfortable amenities of a contemporary studio. Whether realigning your vertebrae, relaxing your muscles, or providing your body with the strength and care to tackle the days ahead, SOHMA can help you. Come in and partake of our warm, welcoming facilities and unparalleled care – for the better alignment of your mind, body, and spine.

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