Keeping the Magic Alive

Ever wonder why the space at SOHMA Integrative Health Center feels so special? Read more to learn about the history of our location and how we’re continually keeping the “Magic” alive. 

As a locally owned business, SOHMA Integrative Health Center prioritizes its relationships with patients, students, community members, and business owners. Accordingly, when we moved in to our location on North Viking Way, we had a choice to toss the old store front sign, or return it to its rightful owner. What follows is a story that brought a smile to our faces, and we hope yours as well.

Prior to hosting SOHMA Integrative Health Center, Suite F at 4195 North Viking Way was occupied by Riot Magic, a truly unique magic shop that brought joy to children and family members in and around Long Beach for over THREE DECADES. In fact, the shop was so special that when it closed its door, the LA Times ran a feature about it. Click here to view the video and click here to read the article.

The story continues as SOHMA Integrative Health Center moved in and started to make the space its own. Throughout the transition, we received a post-it note on the front door from a previous Riot Magic customer, asking if he could get the old “Riot Magic” sign whenever the SOHMA Integrative Health Center sign replaced it. Indeed, when the sign was removed, we contacted the customer. While waiting for a response, we kept the sign and moved it from one storage area to the next, until finally it found a place in Dr. Hoover’s garage. We then got a call from the customer who was away traveling.

Interestingly, while the customer was considering keeping the sign for his own personal “man cave,” he decided to return it to the Riot Magic owner whose birthday was coming up. Below is a photo that brought joy to all of us at SOHMA Integrative Health Center.

Pictured here is the previous Riot Magic owner, Fredrick “Presto” Broder.

August 16, 2016 | Long Beach, California

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