SOHMA Health Tip


What do stomach cramps and nausea have in common? They can often be relieved by pressing the Acupuncture point CV-12 (Zhong Wan). The translation of the point means “Central Venter.” It is the front mu point of the stomach meridian which helps to sedate or “vent” the overactive stomach. This point is located four cun (proportional measurements) or four inches above the navel (midway between the navel and the bottom of the xyphoid process/sternum). See the picture above to help you find the point. Press and hold the tender point firmly for 10 to 30 seconds to reduce the symptoms. I often like to pair points with herbs.


What is the herbal equivalent of the Acupuncture point CV-12? I’d say Gan Jiang commonly known as dried Ginger. Drink a strong tea of ginger, ginger ale, eat a ginger candy, or simply chew on ginger root to relieve symptoms. Ginger may also be used to reduce menstrual cramps depending, of course, on the cause of the menstrual cramps. Let us know how the CV-12 point and Ginger work for you!