Summer Sun Care Tips

SOHMA Integrative Health Center is committed to the wellness of the Long Beach and Lakewood community. Whether you’re headed for a hike, bike ride, surf session, or a swim, follow these time-tested sun care tips to avoid peeling and ensure a beautiful, bronze tan:

  • liberally apply aloe vera gel
  • follow with coconut oil
  • follow with sunscreen
  • apply at least thirty minutes prior to sun exposure

Aloe vera is applied first because it absorbs into the skin quickly. Coconut oil helps skin maintain its hydration and moisture levels. Sunscreen prevents burns and minimizes the risks of UV exposure.

For best results, reapply immediately after bathing, and apply at least twice a day for 2 -3 days after sun exposure. Together with proper hydration, this skin care regime will help you maintain youthful, glowing skin.

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