Our Tai Chi Class is MOVING

Greetings from SOHMA,

Thank you everyone for helping us build such an amazing Tai Chi community over the past several years! Indeed, while we would love to continue our Tai Chi class on Sundays at Signal Hilltop Park, we’ve just been notified by the City of Signal Hill that the class has grown too large. The city permit issued to us for our Signal Hilltop Park class will not be renewed. It’s with a heavy heart that we have to inform you it is time for SOHMA Tai Chi to find a new home, similar to a flower that needs a larger pot so it can continue to grow. Accordingly, please note that Sunday, September 10th, will be our last day at Signal Hilltop Park.

(Click on this link for full details: SOHMA August Newsletter)

In light of this news, students have asked about how they can help. While we appreciate the outpouring of support for Tai Chi and SOHMA, we are embracing this change as a quality problem and leaning on the Tai Chi principles of give, receive, and redirect. To quote Bruce Lee (see below), we’re aiming to “be like water”. We are going to flow with this news and use the momentum of change to grow SOHMA in new and exciting ways. For instance:


We are preparing to launch a Tai Chi Teacher Training program so we can expand our class offerings throughout the Long Beach area. Email taichi@sohma.org so we can place you on our interest list.

In the meantime, stay tuned for additional updates and to find out which park the class will be moved to. We will announce this on MeetUp, our website, via email, and on Facebook.

Thank you again for being a part of the SOHMA community.

Warm regards,

The SOHMA Team

4195 N. Viking Way, Suite F
Long Beach, CA 90808
Phone: (562) 420-2112
Fax: (562) 420-2110
Email: info@SOHMA.org
Web: SOHMA.org

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