Visit SOHMA for an Olympic Experience

With the Olympics in full swing this month, it is nearly impossible to miss the strange, purple spots on the athletes’ backs, shoulders, and legs (including US swimmer and 23-time Gold medalist, Michael Phelps). These marks are often a result of cupping treatment, which comes from an ancient Chinese practice that is used by many practitioners in the Eastern world.

The benefits of cupping are extensive, including stimulating blood flow in the area, reducing soreness, and speeding up recovery. It is intended to remove toxins and stimulate healing by increasing blood to the focus area. While it may look painful, it is actually very therapeutic, and many patients have reported feeling a completely painless experience. Traditionally, cupping is used to treat back and neck pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and even respiratory problems.

At SOHMA Integrative Health Center, we offer a traditional form of cupping treatment, known as fire cupping. Our acupuncturist uses fire to create a vacuum seal along specific points of the body. It creates heat and suction to that specific area, and the cups stay on for usually 5-10 minutes.

If it’s good enough for Olympic athletes, it is good for you. Book your appointment at SOHMA Integrative Health Center so you can get your Olympic therapy treatment today.


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