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SOHMA Tai Chi has received international attention and because of our CNN feature, our YouTube series for beginners now has over 282,000 views!

Nationally Televised on CNN

Medical Tai Chi

Learn how you can get a Tai Chi prescription at SOHMA
Medical Tai Chi

Learn how your Tai Chi classes may be paid for by your medical insurance! We are uniquely qualified to bill your insurance for Medical Tai Chi. Call us today for your complimentary insurance verification. We take most insurances. If you have physiotherapy (PT) benefits, most likely you are eligible. Preventative medicine is here! Click here to get started.


Welcome to Tai Chi at SOHMA. Our master instructors offer free Tai Chi classes at Heartwell Park in Long Beach, as well as private lessons at SOHMA and various community organizations and businesses.

Our free community Tai Chi class in Long Beach, California, is held every Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. The location is at Heartwell Park (Lake) on the corner of Carson and Bellflower; our class meets between the library and the lake. Our students are welcome to park at the library as we have the lead librarian’s permission.

Who is Tai Chi for?

CNN featured our Tai Chi class because they wanted to know why more Millennials are taking up this practice in recent years.

The heard from our students who said it helps with general flexibility, and lowered their blood pressure, stress, anxiety, lower back pain, and neck pain.

We teach the largest, most diverse Tai Chi class in the world and what we've found is that Tai Chi is for everyone from not only kids to older adults, but also babies. Yes, babies! Students have worn their babies during their Tai Chi class including Dr. Hoover!

Tai Chi is also for people with special needs and many medical conditions such as those dealing with balance, degeneration, and arthritis. We have modified forms for people with canes, walkers, and wheelchairs.

What to bring to class

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to get out of pain and into balance!

Get in touch

To learn more about our Tai Chi classes and community events, e-mail us at

You can also follow us on Facebook or join our MeetUp page.

Be a Part of Our Community

If you would like to learn more about our Tai Chi program, please see the below links. Our Tai Chi program also airs on Channel 25 in Long Beach, CA. (Click here for the schedule.)

Purchase our Tai Chi for Beginners DVD here

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Group Tai Chi class


  • Tuesdays 11:00am-12:00pm
  • Thursdays 5:30pm-6:30pm

$25 walk-in class

$99 per month (up to six classes/month)

$129 per month unlimited classes

$149 per month unlimited classes plus Bring a friend pass 2x

Can't make it to class in time?


SOHMA Membership: $35 per month

  • Live stream all Tai Chi classes
  • Members only videos and tips
  • Private Facebook page access. Ask questions, share ideas,
    post pictures, and videos with other members and SOHMA instructors to quickly accelerate your  Tai Chi practice to the next level!
  • 10% off All SOHMA products
  • One complimentary exam including  x-rays (if needed) per month for members or a member's guest

All memberships are auto-pay with a six month minimum commitment.

Certification Courses 

Master Daniel Hoover


Tai Chi Instructor $2500 $1999

  • One year commitment
  • 150 hours of documented instruction required  to receive certificate
  • Course syllabus coming soon

Medical Tai Chi Instructor $1500 $999

  • Two weekend seminars
  • 30 hours of documented instruction required to receive certificate
  • Course syllabus coming soon


Tai Chi Instructor $999

  • Online class modules
  • 150 hours of documented instruction required to receive certificate
  • Course syllabus coming soon

Medical Tai Chi $499

  • Online class modules
  • 30 hours of documented instruction required  to receive certificate
  • Course syllabus coming soon

CEUs may be available for licensed healthcare professionals upon request.

Tai Chi instructor certificate


ATCQA accredited



Tai Chi cruise retreat

SOHMA Tai Chi Getaway May 2019

  • Details coming soon

Tai Chi Bootcamps

  • Full day of advanced Tai Chi training
  • Medical  and Instructor Tai Chi course material included
  • Martial applications
  • Push hands
  • Credit goes towards your instructor certification
SOHMA Integrative Health Center in Long Beach

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About SOHMA Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a slow moving internal martial art that helps improve inner peace and balance. Tai Chi is now being called "Medication in Motion" by the medical community because of its countless researched health benefits.

At the School of Healing Martial Arts™ (SOHMA), we teach Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan form set 24 and integrate it into our patient's rehabilitation programs at our health center. This is the Chinese national workout, as well as the most popular Tai Chi style practiced worldwide.

All of the major martial arts applications in the 24 form are demonstrated in this series. Also, we now include the famous 8-Brocades (Ba Duan Jin) Qi Gong exercises in our warm up section, and offer lessons in Tai Chi Chuan weapons forms, including sword and fan.

In addition to our class offerings, we utilize the healing aspects of Tai Chi and other martial arts in physiotherapies at our integrative health clinic. This ensures that we are able to enhance rehabilitation, self-discipline, and harmony for our patients and our community.

About Our Instructors

Daniel Hoover DC LAc

Dr. Daniel Hoover

Chiropractor, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner®, Master Herbalist, 5th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo, Tai Chi master, Ironman, and the Chief Tai Chi Chuan instructor at SOHMA.

Veronika Hoover

SOHMA's senior Tai Chi instructor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her classes focus on promoting the mind-body connection. Veronika integrates grounding techniques, breathwork, and Yin/Yang concepts.

Veronika Hoover Licensed Clinical Social Worker